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Switch UMD-S10500P065

Switch UMD-S10500P065


POE Switches are 10/100M, Unmanaged PoE Switches,Plug-and-Play design, easy to install and operate;

Their rich diagnostic LEDs on the front-panel provides the clear operating status of individual port and whole system.

These Switches can supply power to the connected PoE supported devices via CAT 5E and above twisted cables.

By integrating the data transmitting and power supply, it eliminates the effort constructing your network.

You could easily connect  IP Cameras, Wireless APs or  VoIP phones to these switches without looking power outlets for them.

In addition, over current protection and circuit shorting protection are also supported to ensure the power supply safety.

Support 5* 10/100MM auto-negotiation Base-T ports(including 4* IEEE 802.3af/at-compliant PoE ports, free of power lines);

Support a maximum output power of 30W on every single PoE port and a maximum transmitting distance of 100m;


■UMD-S10500P065:Max output power: 65W, supports at most 4* 802.3af-compliant powered devices(single port output power: 15.4W) or 2*802.3at-compliant powered devices(single port output power:30W);

■Compatible with both IEEE802.3at(30W) and IEEE802.3af(15.4W), can supply power to PDs under these two standards;

■Transmitting electrical power together with data through a single network cable, free of power lines;

■Automatically detect and supply power to IEEE802.3at and IEEE 802.3af compliant powered devices(PDs);

■Advanced SAFC function, only supply power to IEEE 802.3af/at compliant PDs, no worry about damaging other private standard PoE devices or devices without PoE function;

■Support port power supply prioritization, guarantee the continuous power supply of key nodes;

■Up to 100m network cable transmitting distance, support flexible network expansion without power line deployment concerns. Users can freely fix their wireless APs, IP cameras or other end devices on the wall or ceiling;

■Built-in PSE power supply module, plug-and play design, easy to install;

■High security performance defending against power surge;

■Support short-circuit protection function, the switch will automatically start short-circuit function and cut off the power supply when there is high-current or other power failures, which can efficiently defend against device damage or network failures caused by line fault or wrong installation;

■Energy-saving green design, support auto-switch to standby mode and auto-detect cable length. It will stay in standby mode and save the power when the port is disconnected , or provide a lower transmission power when the network cable is less than 10m;


Product Specifications

Fixed Ports

4*10/100M PoE ports;

1*10/100M ports;

PoE standards


Max Output Power(single port)


Total Power Consumption


PoE Pin-out

1/2(+),3/6(-); 4/5(+),7/8(-) for customization

Switching Capacity


Forwarding Mode

Full wire-speed storage and forwarding

Forwarding Rate



Operation Temperature


Storage Temperature


Operation Humidity


Storage Humidity




Input Power Supply




LED Indicator

Power,Link/Act,PoE Status

Energy Saving

Comply with “EEE” Energy Efficient Ethernet

Service Characteristics

Standards and Protocols

IEEE 802.3af,Power Over Ethernet

IEEE 802.3at,Power Over Ethernet Plus

IEEE 802.3u,100BASE-TX

IEEE 802.3x,Full-Duplex Flow Control

IEEE 802.3az,EEE(Energy Efficient Ethernet)

MAC Address Table

UP to 1K MAC addresses

Support auto-update, two-way learning

Port Flow Control

Back-pressure traffic control under Half-Duplex mode

IEEE 802.3x traffic control under Full-Duplex mode

Jumbo Frame

Maximum support 9216Byte

Physic Medium

10/100MBase-TX:UTP category 3/4/5 cables( Maximum 100m);

Network Cable Deployment

Support Auto-MDIX function, automatically identify straight forward cable

and cross-over cable

Negotiation Pattern

Support port auto-negotiation function

( automatically negotiate transmission rate and Duplex modes)